Summer Volleyball Update 2021:


We are very excited to get back on the court and see our volleyball family! As excited as we are, we still all need to be thoughtful of the Covid-19 virus and do what we can to be as safe as possible.


Please be courteous to your teammates and opponents and stay home if you are sick. Table separation has been set in place outdoors and we have increased the number of tables for your convenience. Ball sanitizing is highly recommended and will be the responsibility of each team. PPE is at the discretion of each player. You will be allowed to play in any PPE you feel needed however not mandatory. Volleyball fees will now be paid in 3 Installments. Weekly envelope payments are eliminated to decrease the spread of germs due to several people handling cash.


Air hugs are encouraged but please distance from one another as much as possible.


We have an amazing volleyball family and thank you for taking every precaution to keep us all safe.  



~Annie & Mae


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